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Hale Cosmeceuticals: Made in the USA

We do our own research, our own testing, and manufacturing. All in the USA.

Side view of busy group of researchers working on experiments in the laboratory


Making skin care products truly is our passion. As many companies shift to outsourcing their manufacturing and operations, we are proud to remain totally committed to manufacturing here in the United States of America. We have our own research and development (R and D) chemists with decades of experience making only skin care products. We have expansive quality control (QC) labs where we not only test our finished products, but even the ingredients which we use to make those products. We take extreme pride in our products and test to ensure that even the ingredients we receive are of the highest quality. Our people and production team are passionate about skin care.

Our own manufacturing operations allow us to maintain tight control over the quality and consistency of our products. When we say that our vitamin C products are not degraded by heat exposure, we know it is true because we keep an eye on the thermostat ourselves. While other companies reduce the quality of their products or focus solely on their bottom-line, our vertical integration from start-to-finish allows us to maintain the highest quality without cutting corners.

With Hale Cosmeceuticals, you always know where your products are made. You can trust that with our manufacturing operations in the United States of America, our experienced personnel are maintaining the highest quality manufacturing and compliance with cGMP (good manufacturing practices).

Hale Cosmeceuticals = QUALITY



How We Make It Work

There is a plethora of information published in the skin care industry. In fact, for those who are paying attention, new advancements, developments, and ingredients are entering the marketplace all the time.

Most companies rely heavily on the cosmeceuticals research performed by others, but not Hale Cosmeceuticals.

While some public studies may be trustworthy, we don’t like to take anything at face value that we endorse with our name. Unlike many competitors, we do all our own research and development. That means that we not only understand our cosmeceuticals products and how they work, but also are able to offer the most innovative formulations for less than many other skin care companies. We perform quality testing on all ingredients before they go into your products.

We continue to innovate new products and improve our existing products based on feedback from customers and licensed professionals!

For questions about these or any of our other active ingredients, please contact us online or call us today at 1-800-951-7005.
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